More Language Sites

I found some more language sites for those that either want to learn another language or teach another language via the Internet. They are:

I haven’t had time to play with them in detail but I will and share my opinions with you. Please check them out. They look worthwhile.


About acohen843

I am a writer and ESL teacher who enjoys the challenge of starting businesses. Currently, I am a JuicePlus distributor ( who is using this business opportunity as the foundation of a social entrepreneurship project.
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6 Responses to More Language Sites

  1. Another online language learning site to check out it This site offers many free tools; flashcards, videos, forums & social networking. The great thing about this site is the online tutoring via video chat…small fee associated with each tutor but very affordable.

  2. acohen843 says:

    Language Resource,

    Thank you for the link. I will check out edufire.


  3. Cali Mama says:

    wow I am learning. Thanks for all the wonderful links! I will be checking them all out. I too love The site is awesome! Live tutoring sessions, language videos, flashcards and a forum. It is new, but growing so fast!

  4. I’m glad I could help and offer this suggestion! 🙂

  5. Eric Roth says:

    Good tips! Keep it up.

    Perhaps you could include your criteria for what you look for in a language website too. Some commentary and/or description of their contents would make the posting more user-friendly.

    Or so it seems to me.

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