My Free Classes on Edufire

I am teaching to series of classes on eduFire. You can attend free of charge.

English Conversation and Fluency  meets online Sats at 13:30PM EST. 

Practice speaking English and improve your fluency by discussing contemporary issues.

Discuss a variety of contemporary issues and learn new vocabulary.

I will help you with your pronunciation. 

This class is limited to 10 students. There are currently 5 seats avaialabe. Click here to reserve a seat.

How Does American Government Work meets Sundays at 12:00PM EST.

If you created your own country, what type of government would it have? The Founding Fathers of the United States had to decide this question.

These great men did not have eduFire to help them; they had to figure it out on their own. This series of classes explains what they did – how American government works.

Did you know that the Constitution make no mention of political parties?

Forget the Democrats and the Republicans. Their arguments are not new. The first two political parties began arguing a long time ago. What were these parties?

Virginia and New York are large states. They believed that they should have more say than Rhode Island and Delaware, the two smallest states. How did the Founding Fathers make peace with this issue?

What are the three branches of American government?

Can a state leave the United States and become a separate country?

I’ll answer these and more.

Whether you are from the U.S., or from another country, you are welcome. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Constitution Party members, Alaska Independence Party members, whomever – all are welcome.

This class is non-partisan. All viewpoints are welcome. However, there is one rule – we all must be respectful of other peoples’ opinions. The Bill of Rights gives us freedom of speech. As with all rights, we must use them responsibly.

The Internet is a great tool for electronic townhall meetings. I’ve opened this class for many as possible. I want our classes to be an electronic learning town hall meeting. Click here to reserve a seat.




About acohen843

I am a writer and ESL teacher who enjoys the challenge of starting businesses. Currently, I am a JuicePlus distributor ( who is using this business opportunity as the foundation of a social entrepreneurship project.
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One Response to My Free Classes on Edufire

  1. dori says:

    This is great! Thanks for the resource. I really enjoy edufire and the classes they offer. See you there!

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