Doing the Laundry – Part 2

In the previous post, I talked about doing the laundry. When I discussed color brighteners I referenced a Wikipedia article (, stating these brighteners used a variety of chemicals: Triazine-stilbenes (di-, tetra- or hexa-sulfonated), Coumarins, Imidazolines, Diazoles, Triazoles, Benzoxazolines, and Biphenyl-stilbenes. I was surprised; I prefer not to have these chemicals in my clothes just to make the colors brighter. I also wrote that clothes softeners included chemicals that have lubricant properties that are electrically conductive, thus making the fibers feel smoother and preventing buildup of static electricity. –

I don’t like the idea of using chemicals to make my clothes look or feel better. The environmental-friendly approach works for me.

Please visit my site if you also prefer environmentally-friendly laundry and other products. Send me an email for more information and I just might meet you at a laundromat and do your laundry for you.


About acohen843

I am a writer and ESL teacher who enjoys the challenge of starting businesses. Currently, I am a JuicePlus distributor ( who is using this business opportunity as the foundation of a social entrepreneurship project.
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