North Attleborough – A Welcoming Community

I lived in North Attleborough from 1997 till 2006. While time has changed the community, it’s welcoming personality has remained the same, warm and opening. To get some background about this town, please read this story I wrote back on Sept. 30th, 2005. My sentiments remain the same.

My friend Henry, who is visiting from Canada, joined our tour. His presence was both enjoyable and valuable, plus he is an all-around-nice guy.

North Attleborough is a patriotic town. We began our tour at the Korean War Memorial and then the World War II Memorial. We progressed north webcamming the community. As we walked, Henry spotted Watson’s Candies & Cafe, a beautiful chocolate shop and cafe. He spoke with the lady in charge, and she allowed us to provide a tour of her store. When the class ended, Henry and I had lunch there, excellent soups and sandwiches. A lady, Ellee came in for a sandwich. Being gentlemen we asked her to join us so she wouldn’t have to have lunch alone. Excellent food, excellent company. North Attleborough has a strong sense of community, something that I find lacking in today’s society. Stop by Watson’s Candies & Cafe at 14 South Washington St. in North Attleborough for good food and good conversation.

We ended our tour at the Richards Memorial Library. While I was webcasting, Henry went inside and secured an interview with the library director. We enjoyed an interesting conversation about the history of North Attleborough and we learned that the Richards Library is doing well in the age of the internet. The library offers many interesting programs via the internet. Support your local library!

Click here to see my photos of North Attleborough. See you tomorrow in Gloucester.


About acohen843

I am a writer and ESL teacher who enjoys the challenge of starting businesses. Currently, I am a JuicePlus distributor ( who is using this business opportunity as the foundation of a social entrepreneurship project.
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2 Responses to North Attleborough – A Welcoming Community

  1. business says:

    .Downtown Attleboro…Attleboro is a city in and is immediately north of . When the city re-incorporated in 1914 the -ugh was removed from the name North Attleborough kept it.

  2. kathy mallett says:

    Thanks Alan for visiting..I so enjoyed our conversation and meeting Henry…Thanks again for your kind words and great photos..Be sure to stop by next time your in town.

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