Women are better students

Women are better students than men. Last summer, in one of my classes, the male students were either absent or skipped. All of my female students attended. There was no goofing off, no behavior problems, just a group of serious females listening, asking intelligent questions, and learning.

Last Friday for awhile, my class consisted of only women. Some of my students were in NYC for the Memorial Day weekend, and the Muslim men left the class to pray. Left in the class were two Korean ladies, a Saudi lady, and myself. Just like my experience last summer, no goofing off, no stupid distractions, just students focused on learning.

Men are not stupid and men are good students. One of my male students received 107 out of 120 points on his TOEFL test allowing him the choice to study at the top universities in the United States. (One of my female students received 111 out of 120 points on her TOEFL test.) My most serious student this semester is a male. He has the second highest average in class. O.K., the highest average is held by a lady but in terms of learning habits, he applies the learning process outside the classroom, keeping a notebook of idioms, phrases, and vocabulary that he hears during the day. He is a self-learner, a skill that will be to his advantage throughout life.

There are studies that state the case for single-sex classes – all male classes and all female classes. I have no opinion about this issue; I honestly don’t know if it is a better idea or not. Enjoy the following three videos about single-sex classes in the United States and share your opinions and comments with me.

Teaching Math to Middle School Boys


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