Google Labs Goodies and Google Music

I enjoy exploring Google Labs and their interesting experiments. Google Voice provides a nice method to keep track of your phone calls and to  use a public number to send phone calls to private or multiple numbers.

Google Talk Guru allows you to use chat to gather information. Just add as a chat friend and text “guru” your questions. For example, need to know the definition of the word “hello”? Send the following message (without the quotes) “web define hello” to You will receive the definition almost immediately. The results are not always perfect but if you are reading and don’t have a dictionary available, you may find this useful.

Need a quick weather report? Just type, “weather city name” for example, “weather Boston”.  Google Talk Guru also translates from one language to another, acts as a caclulator, and provides other functionality.

Need a quick overview of the daily news? Try Google’s FastFlip. Have a question and need an answer from a person, not a search engine? Try Google’s Aardvark.

Apple is announcing iCloud,  a service that allows you to access your purchased iTunes music from any computer. That is good. However, many have purchased CDs and then ripped them. Google Music is working on a service that allows you to upload your music to their cloud allowing you to access your music from anywhere. Good idea.


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I am a writer and ESL teacher who enjoys the challenge of starting businesses. Currently, I am a JuicePlus distributor ( who is using this business opportunity as the foundation of a social entrepreneurship project.
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  2. Google Labs has launched a service that lets you make use of IM and your mobile to receive information like weather sports score currency conversion translation and so on..The service called is still an experimental one. After it is added you can send your queries formatted in a specific way to get quick information in reply. The service has no natural language processing so your queries must be in a specific format…This is a quick use of Google Guru and an instant reply for weather information in Bangalore India..The service seems useful only if youre in front of your PC and are looking for a quick answer for a simple query like weather sports info translation or currency conversion and want to avoid some extra mouse clicks to open your web browser and do that search.

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