Best Way to Communicate?

We communicate using many different ways. I think the best way is face-to-face. It is direct and any misconceptions can be fixed instantly. These days we have many other ways to communicate. The question is, do we use them appropriately and most effectively?

I’ve had bosses and employees email me critical and time-sensitive issues. They would complain if I didn’t respond right away. I had to politely educate them that I don’t spend my time checking email every minute. If its that important, call me or speak to me directly. People also use email to avoid uncomfortable conversations.

Texting is extremely popular. I believe it is more immediate than email, but there are times when checking a text message is not appropriate.

Instant messaging is fine when time is reserved for that activity. I don’t respond to nor do I expect people to expect that I will IM immediately unless an IM conversation is scheduled.

What are your thoughts?


About acohen843

I am a writer and ESL teacher who enjoys the challenge of starting businesses. Currently, I am a JuicePlus distributor ( who is using this business opportunity as the foundation of a social entrepreneurship project.
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