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Constitutional Questions

In my previous post, I introduced ConstitutionCafe. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts concerning these questions. If you could add any amendment to the Constitution, what right would it give Americans? The First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law … Continue reading

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How important is the U.S. Constitution to you? How well do you understand the Bill of Rights? Newspaper forums and Facebook are filled with negative comments about political issues. The ConstitutionCafe provides the opportunity for people to have invigorating and … Continue reading

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American Government Class – Nov. 2, 2008

  Sun, Nov 2nd’s class (12:00PM) – edufire.com/classes/25-introduction-to-american-government . Starting a government is like creating a startup. When the Founding Fathers created the the government of the United States, they wrote a business plan – the Constitution. They didn’t get … Continue reading

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Free American Government Courses

I am teaching two free American Government classes. One class will be taught on Sat. Oct 4th at 11 AM – http://www.wiziq.com/public/session_details.aspx?detail=33954_Introduction-to-Government_teacher_Alan_Cohen . The other class is taught every Sunday evening at 8 PM http://apps.new.facebook.com/supercool/sc_classes/show/263.

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Online Political Conferencing

The Internet influences politics in many ways. Not surprisingly, it has shown its strength as a money machine. Political blogging has given ownership of the press to anyone who chooses to publish. Some of the writing is excellent and much … Continue reading

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American History – “What If?”

My ESL students often ask me questions about American Government and Politics. They want to learn how our government works. I enjoy these questions because I love talking about government and politics. One common question is “Why the Electoral College? … Continue reading

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