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The Opera Guy

Some of the best music I hear is in the subway. Many talented musicians perform against the din of the trains. One talented singer I’ve had the pleasure to hear at the Blue Line section of Government Center  is Wesley … Continue reading

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Google Labs Goodies and Google Music

I enjoy exploring Google Labs and their interesting experiments. Google Voice provides a nice method to keep track of your phone calls and to  use a public number to send phone calls to private or multiple numbers. Google Talk Guru allows … Continue reading

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Music Makes the World Better

Music is a part of our lives. We listen to it to relax, to dance, and play it for fun or for a living. Things said using music sound better. Playing For Change, using their words is, dedicated to creating … Continue reading

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Bringing Cultures Together Through Music

One of my goals is to explore how the marriage of music and the internet can bring cultures together. I am exploring the possibilities through my website Classrooms Without Walls and on eduFire. In today’s class (on eduFire), one of … Continue reading

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Cultures in Harmony

“Is music the international language?” That is a question I often ask my students. Some say yes because they understand that you can hear the emotion in melody. Of course, when I play Indian or micro-tonal music I get a … Continue reading

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What’s New?

It has been awhile, but I am back to blogging.  Lately, I have been writing a lot about music.  These posts include some information about using music for teaching English as a Second Language.  Here are the links for  the … Continue reading

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Microfinancing and Music

I am a big fan of microfinancing – making small loans to help others start businesses. Kiva is the prime organization for this form of investment. Calabash Music, an excellent model and source for world music, is looking to enter … Continue reading

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