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Waiting For Superman

Don’t leave your child’s education in the hands of politicians whether they are Democrats or Republicans. No child deserves that fate. Continue reading

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I Know Math

A fifth grade Korean student knows math that a sixth grade American student studies. My students send their children to after-school math programs to help them keep their math advantage. Continue reading

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Berlitz is one of the most famous names in language learning. This article introduces readers to Max Berlitz. Future articles will introduce readers to other founders of language learning systems. Continue reading

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My Free Classes on Edufire

I am teaching to series of classes on eduFire. You can attend free of charge. English Conversation and Fluency  meets online Sats at 13:30PM EST.  Practice speaking English and improve your fluency by discussing contemporary issues. Discuss a variety of contemporary … Continue reading

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Avatars and Eliza

One of the most popular programs in computer science is the Eliza program. This program simulates that you are talking to a person when in fact you are having a conversation with a computer program. Here is a link to … Continue reading

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Avatars and Education

Avatars are excellent for online education. They provide the human interaction that is natural in classrooms and in the traditional learning environment.I teach students online. Message boards, email, and instant messaging are great tools for writing. But what about voice … Continue reading

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