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Technical Writing

Technical writing is a great profession for people who like to understand and explain how things work. While a lot of technical writing is focused on computers and software, technical writing includes financial, medical, pharmaceutical, tool crafting, and many other … Continue reading

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Teaching ESL – Random Thoughts

I’m began writing this post on an iTouch at a Starbucks in Cambridge. Technogy and free wireless is great. Starbucks is called a “third place” for work in addition to the office and the home. Places like this plus technology … Continue reading

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Google Labs Goodies and Google Music

I enjoy exploring Google Labs and their interesting experiments. Google Voice provides a nice method to keep track of your phone calls and to  use a public number to send phone calls to private or multiple numbers. Google Talk Guru allows … Continue reading

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The following excerpt is from another blog of mine. I’m in the process of reading Rewired. While we know that children are wired to technology, this book brings up an interesting fact – many of today’s grammar school students have … Continue reading

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The Digital Napkin

The DigitalNapkin applies technology to the simple act of wiping your face as you eat. This reusable, recyclable tool analyzes the angle of each face wipe to minimize the number of wipes needed allowing you to get the maximum number of wipes … Continue reading

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What Makes Good Language Learning Sites

One of our readers asked that I write about what makes good language learning sites. The most important aspect is live interaction between teachers and students. All language sites should either provide voice/video communication or make it easy for teachers … Continue reading

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